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, as a manufacturer's representative for Alcad USA, has over a 30 year history working with commercial and industrial clients to help make their projects smooth, on time and in budget. We will make sizing, ordering and installation easy. Wherever you are located, the after-sales service, the reliable product and highly motivated Alcad team will give customer satisfaction. Alcad, its people and its product, will support you from the start by delivering quality.

The Alcad Difference 
Alcad Standby Batteries enjoy a unique position in the standby battery power industry. No other supplier in North America can even come close to matching the versatility of the Alcad range. Unlike other manufacturers, Alcad offers an extremely comprehensive range of both nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries.

Nickel-Cadmium - Standard and low-maintenance pocket plate batteries; sintered/plastic bonded electrode technology.

Lead Acid Batteries - Planté; lead-selenium; valve-regulated lead-acid.

Battery Chargers - Single and three-phase; standard SCR and advanced technology microprocessor-controlled.

This unparalleled product range enables Alcad to justify its claim to be able to offer completely unbiased battery advice. It is with this background that Alcad's engineering staff is the best qualified to advise you on the most suitable battery for your specific application.

We at Alcad Standby Batteries are committed to the principle that:

"Every Application Deserves the Right Battery"

Our Alcad Batteries

Battery Overview

Alcad battery Battery Specifications
To meet the widely varied electrical requirements in a single design of battery would result in an inefficient compromise. Alcad, therefore, manufactures vented nickel-cadmium batteries in ranges to match specific operating conditions and provide different performance characteristics.

Alcad single cells generally conform to IEC and DIN standards. The comprehensive range of cells gives Alcad an unequalled product range, but there may be occasions when the choice of cell is not clear. Alcad engineers will advise on all aspects of battery engineering and ensure that the correct choice is made.

Battery Type
Single Cell
Vantage Vantex XHP Solar
Plate Technology Pocket Pocket Pocket Pocket Pocket Sintered/pbe Pocket
range Ah
10-1660 9-1390 9-920 8-476 8-1700 11-320 45-1110
Use of battery Power back-up, storage Power back-up, Starting, power back-up Power back-up Power back-up Starting, Power back-up Energy Storage
Applications Engine starting, switchgear, UPS, process control, data and information, emergency lighting, security and fire alarms, switching and transmissions, signaling Renewable, photovoltic, wind and hybrid systems






Long Medium and High Rate Performace

LE, M & H Series

Hight rate battery Long Rate Performance
LCEP Range
10 Ah – 1660 Ah

The L range has the thickest plates and is designed for applications where the battery is required to provide a reliable source of energy over relatively long discharge periods. Normally, the current is relatively low in comparison with the total stored energy and the discharges are generally infrequent. Typical uses are communications and bulk energy storage.

Medium Rate Performance
MCP Range
9 Ah -- 1390 Ah

The M range is designed for applications where the batteries are usually required to sustain electrical loads for between 30 minutes to 3 hours or for 'mixed' loads which involve a mixture of high and low discharge rates. The applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in switchgear applications.

Long rate batteryHigh Rate Performance
HCP Range
9 Ah -- 920 Ah

The H range uses very thin plates and is designed for applications where there is a demand for a relatively high current over short periods, usually less than 30 minutes in duration. The applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges. The range is typically used in starting and UPS applications.


Low Maintenance

 XHP Series

Low Maintenance Backup Batteries Ultra High Rate Performance
XHP Range
11 Ah -- 320 Ah

The sintered positive plates, compact plastic bonded negative plates and thin separators make the XHP a highly efficient battery that is smaller, lighter and often less costly in high rate applications than lead acid systems.

Other advantages of the XHP include:

  • Extremely long life
  • Reliable operation
  • Fast recharge
  • Narrow voltage window
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Resistance to abuse

Vantex Series

Alcad Vantex Series Low Maintenance
VTX 1 L - VTX 1 M
8 Ah -- 1700 Ah

Operating temperatures as high as +40°C
The Vantex design is based on the same robust construction and unique electrochemistry that has enabled Alcad Ni- Cd batteries to establish an unrivalled track record for reliability and long-life. But now, Vantex takes Ni-Cd design a stage further by delivering exceptional performance and low-maintenance requirements combined with a long service-life - even at operating temperatures as high as +40°C. Vantex is specially adapted for any stationary industrial backup power installation requiring a battery that ensures maximum reliability and optimum TCO (total cost of ownership) while operating for long periods at high ambient temperatures. Typical applications will include the utility and oil and gas industries.

Easy to use and easy to handle
Vantex is designed for ease of transportation, installation and operation. The cells are assembled in blocks of up to 6 cells to facilitate transportation, and are delivered ready-filled with electrolyte to make installation fast and simple. When filled, Vantex batteries can be stored for up to 2 years in normal conditions.

In addition to its extended service-life in high ambient temperatures, the key feature of Vantex is its high-technology low-maintenance pocket-plate construction. This ensures very efficient gas recombination, with very low gas emission, well in excess of the requirements of IEC 62259. As a result, a Vantex battery may require just one topping-up operation throughout its entire service-life.

Vantex offers very good chargeability, reaching over 95 per cent of its capacity in less than 15 hours using single-level low-voltage charging.

Wide range of capacities and exceptional reliability
Vantex is available in a wide range of capacities, from 8 to 1700 Ah, with a choice of L type plates - for relatively long discharge periods, or M type plates - to sustain loads from between 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Vantex offers exceptional reliability thanks to its robust Ni-Cd construction and engineered electrolyte. This ensures a long and predictable service life, and unlike the VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries often found in stationary applications, Vantex cannot suffer from 'sudden death', even in extreme conditions.

VN Series

VN Ultra Low Maintenance Battery Vantage
Ultra Low Maintenance-Medium Rate

VN Range
8 Ah -- 476 Ah

Ultra-high reliability, Ultra low maintenance.
Introducing second generation, ultra low maintenance Vantage…first in line when you need trouble-free reliability in stored power for the most exacting industrial and commercial applications. Alcad, one of the world leaders in nickel-cadmium batteries, brings together electromechanical technology and construction expertise to offer you the most cost effective power pack in the world today.

More reliable
Vantage can continue to supply power for 20 years or more thanks to its corrosion-free construction and Alcad's tried and tested pocket plate technology. No physical plate degradation and no sudden death with resulting costly downtime.

More economical
Vantage, in common with all Ni-Cd batteries, does not require complex electrical maintenance. In addition, Vantage, with its ultra low maintenance recombination technology can give up to 20 years service without topping up.

More adaptable
Offshore oil and gas, emergency lighting, fire and security systems, railway signaling, process control, switchgear, telecoms, utilities, photovoltaics. You can depend upon Vantage for perfect peace of mind.

More durable
Vantage will survive treatment, which would destroy lead acid batteries. This battery can tolerate up to 15% AC ripple and can be over-discharged or reversed without damage. Prolonged abusive overcharge can easily be compensated by refurbishment with water.

More environmentally tolerant
Vantage performs in the most severe conditions and can operate over a temperature range from -10°C to +35°C. It can survive extremes of temperature from as low as -40°C to as high as +55°C.

More manageable
Compact and lightweight, Vantage is easy to transport and install. It can be stored for one year without need of refresher charges.

More information
You may be seeking an all-round better solution than Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries with their limited life span. In elevated temperatures, their inability to cope with uncontrolled or harsh environmental/electrical conditions. Or you may already be enjoying the advantages of nickel-cadmium batteries but need to upgrade to ultra low maintenance.

Either way you need to know more about Vantage…derived from over 70 years of product experience, successfully operating in more than 50 countries and supported around the clock by a most committed, caring and responsive sales and service network.

Battery Chargers

Microprocessor Controlled Battery ChargersClick Here to View Technical Data

Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers

The basic line consists of constant voltage, current limited SCR-type chargers. They are capable of supplying continuous and intermittent loads while recharging the batteries to, or maintaining them in, a fully charged condition. The flexible design makes them suitable for float charging all types of stationary lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. They are ideally suited for utility, communication and industrial applications.

AT Series
Advanced microprocessor controls and modular construction make the AT series the easiest chargers to set up, operate and maintain. The digital display eliminates guessing when setting and verifying voltage output. All units are NEMA compliant, UL listed, CSA certified, and CE com-pliant. They also meet FCC requirements and are seismically qualified to UBC Zone 4. Available in single- and three phase up to 100ADC ratings.

AP Series
Combining all the features and functions of our silicon controlled rectifiers with a microprocessor and communications capability produces the AP series chargers. Monitor charger functions remotely through SCADA systems or via modem with included software. Available in single- and three-phase up to 300ADC ratings.

STG Series
A standard, off-the-shelf rectifier, the STG offers an innovative design adapted to the environmental and operational requirements of utility and industrial applications. A microprocessor manages the system, provides alarm signaling and provides the proper charge for all lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. Its all-inclusive design takes the guesswork out of ordering and significantly reduces lead times.




Product Brochures

Click on the links below to view current versions of brochures and data sheets for Alcad Nickel-Cadmium batteries, Lead Acid batteries, Chargers, Racks, Safety Kits and Accessories.

Nickel Cadmium

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1 Sintered / PBE - XHP high performance Range Data
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1 Every Project Deserves the Correct Battery
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1 Solar batteries for stand-alone hybrid systems
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1 Complete topping-up equipment
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1 Installation and commissioning kits for industrial Ni-Cd pocket plate batteries
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Lead Acid

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georgia alcad Planté
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alabama alcad Monolite
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Battery Chargers

tennessee alcad AT10 Series
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alcad low maintenance AT30 Series
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low maintenance AT Series Communications
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battery replacements SLRd Series
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repacement battery SCR Series
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alcad battery Single Cell Charger
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battery charger Universal Maintenance Charger
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Racks, Safety Kits and Accessories
Alcad provides a range of Seismic and non-seismic racks, safety kits and accessories; hardware and watering kits.
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