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Great buildings start with great people, you can count on the people from Parkline South
, as a dealer for Parkline, Inc., has over a 30 year history working with commercial and industrial clients to help make their projects smooth, on time and in budget. Our installers have years of experience in Parkline small metal building installation. Our management team consists of our general manager, marketing manager, electrician and construction supervisor. We as a team undergo continued training in installation procedures, product knowledge and manufacturers seminars. We specialize in small metal buildings for Industrial, Electrical Power, Gas Transmission, and Water and Waste Water Treatment facilities.


Industries Served by PARKLINE SOUTH

Industrial Small

Metal Buildings...

Industrial Small Metal BuildingsIf you want to cut down on time, money and hassles, Parkline buildings are the perfect answer for a variety of environmental, electronic, electrical and storage applications.  From large industrial enclosures to smaller, more intricate buildings, everything we do is engineered and custom manufactured to fit your specific location and specific needs.  All component parts can be on site installed and furnished with accessories as required.   



Widths available:  up to  32’ wide

Lengths available: any length  




Gas Transmission

Gas Measurement Buildings

Gas Transmission Small BuildingLet Parkline South protect your equipment with buildings ranging from shade and shelter to custom design. We can supply all your needs from basic interior finishes to electrical and HVAC systems, including your explosion proof requirements, with construction done on site or factory erected.


Electric Power

and Control Buildings

Parkline South Substation control buildings are designed with precision accuracy – whether drawings are customer generated or produced by us.  We deliver on time and on budget every time. 

Widths available: Up to 32’

Lengths available:  unlimited 


Electrical small building in Alabama Electrical small building

Water Treatment Buildings

Liquid Products Terminals

If you want to cut down on time, money and hassles, Parkline self-framing buildings are the perfect application for Liquid Products Terminals.  From large industrial enclosures to smaller, more intricate buildings, everything we do is engineered and customer manufactured to fit your specific needs.   

Widths available:  Up to 32’

Lengths available:  unlimited 



Self Storage Buildings

We make self-storage complexes simple.  Whether you need a standard design or a custom built self-storage complex, Parkline makes it easy.  That’s because we handle your entire project from the ground up – everything from site planning and design to engineering, component installation and on-site erection.   

Quality.  Let us show you that we are simply the best self-storage solution.  Every building is:  Custom made, attractive, durable, erected fast, and virtually maintenance free. 

Widths available: varies
Lengths available: varies

metal building self storage metal building

Security Guard House

With the growing concern for security – let us help to ease your mind…and economically too!  Parkline South offers both site built and factory assembled buildings that can meet your needs.  We custom build to your requirements, with our inter-locking exterior panels and variety of interior finishes.  We provide electrical and HVAC systems as required. 

Bullet resistant systems from Level I to Level IV are also available. 

level 2 security building security building

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